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Because our practitioners specialize in the most advanced cosmetic procedures available today, we can offer you the best possible prices. Our easy-to-understand and affordable pricing below includes all costs for your surgery day, with the exception of anesthesia fees, prescription medications (if needed), preoperative labs (if needed), and BMI charges (may apply based on height and weight). Financing is available with low monthly payment options, as well as military discounts.


Must schedule by March 15th, 2019

  Regular Price Limited Time Offer
Chin/Neck $2500.00 $1990.00
Chin/Neck/Jowls $3500.00 $2490.00
Arms (Both Included) $3500.00 $2990.00
Full Chest $3500.00 $2990.00
Front Bra $1490.00 $1200.00
Back Bra $4000.00 $2780.00
Buffalo Hump $2500.00 $1490.00
Abs Only (Upper and Lower) $3500.00 $2490.00
Pubic Mound $2000.00 $1490.00
Buttocks $3000.00 $2490.00
Hips $2500.00 $1990.00
Inner Thighs (Both Included) $3500.00 $2490.00
Outer Thighs (Both Included) $3500.00 $2490.00
Inner & Outer Thighs $5000.00 $3180.00
Love Handles and Flanks $3500.00 $2780.00
Flanks Only $3500.00 $1990.00
Banana Rolls Only $3000.00 $1490.00
Full Abs/Waist Package
(Abs + Love Handles + Flanks)
$6000.00 $3975.00
Natural Breast Augmentation (Fat Transfer) $5000.00 *$2500.00
Breast Augmentation (Implants)* $7500.00 $3900.00
Breast Lift $7500.00 $5500.00
Tummy Tucks (Abdominoplasty) $7500.00 $4995.00
Mini Tummy Tuck $6000.00 $3500.00
Brazilian Butt Lift (Fat Transfer) $5000.00 Starting at $2500.00
Rhinoplasty $7900.00 Starting at $5000.00
Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty $1000.00
Facial Rejuvenation
(Fat Transfer)

Pan-Facial Face - $3990.00
Upper and Mid Face - $2500.00
Lower Face and Jaw Definition - $2500.00
Chin Augmentation - $2500.00

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) $7500.00 $4995.00
(Add SmartLipo Skin tightening to Lipo procedure/area)
$1000.00 $500.00
Mommy Makeover
(Tummy Tuck, Natural Breast Augmentaiton or Brazilian Butt Lift)*
$15000.00 $7500.00
Manly Makeover
(Lipo Full Midsection, Chest, and Chin)*
$15000.00 $7500.00
*Ask a Patient Coordinator about Combo Specials for these Areas.
*Some pricing restrictions may apply based on patient height and weight.
*Thinner patients may require additional lipo areas to maximize fat transfer to buttocks or breasts.
*Refer to the Pacific Mommy Makeover or the Pacific Manly Makeover for additional savings!

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