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Pacific Lipo Testimonials

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It's been 2 weeks now since my Liposculpture procedure on my Upper & Lower Abs & Love Handles and I'm OVERLY JOYED with my results so far. Since I walked out of my procedure I never had any pain! I was shocked! I was given pain meds that I didn't even have to use. The procedure was about 3hrs total and I was awake the entire time making conversation with the staff! They are AMAZING! The staff is so very friendly, outgoing and the beautiful ladies are very knowledgeable. This is the BEST LIPOSCULPTURE FACILITY IN SAN DIEGO, CA (La Jolla area). I'm only about 10% healed with minimal swelling but I already see my amazing new shape! I'm totally beach body ready NOW! I'm so happy I chose Pacific Lipo! I would and have already recommended Pacific Lipo La Jolla to everyone!!!! Thanks again to all of the staff!


“I just want to thank you for giving me my confidence back! I've been self conscious about my cheeks for over 8 years. After having my son, it seemed like I couldn't lose the weight no matter what I did, and even if I toned my body, my cheeks were still fat. I'm not even all the way healed yet, but I wanted to show you a couple pictures of the dramatic change. (before and after) This has helped my self esteem so much that it's helped me and my husband's love life. I couldn't be happier. Thanks a million.”

BreAnne N.
Fort Irwin, CA

"Pacific Lipo has done a procedure on me and I am very pleased with the results. The staff was so awesome. Their caring attitudes made my visit a very comfortable one. I was at ease every moment of my time spent with their staff. No fear!!!!This has been a great jump start to restore my health and look my best. Go in for a consult and you will believe as I did. Good luck."

Bob S.
Spring Valley, CA

“Hello to all, I just had to take a moment to discuss my experiences here at Pacific Lipo and their outstanding staff.  I would like to start by saying that I am an out-of-town client.  I spent literally years researching around and reading up on different individuals, both near and far from home, that I felt comfortable setting up a consultation with.  I met with about 4 different doctors around the Bay Area (close to home), but still didn’t get that “this is the one” feeling.  I came across Pacific Lipo one day while searching online, and decided to check multiple sites for reviews on them.  All the different reviews from multiple websites were all extremely positive, and had nothing but kind words for Pacific Lipo and the staff.  It was upon finding so many positive reviews, that I decided to make an online out-of-town consultation with Pacific Lipo.  Stefani, the patient coordinator, called me right away and was extremely helpful and kind, and made me feel comfortable right away.  I had tons of questions, and she answered every one of them.  To make a long story short, Pacific Lipo felt like the right choice, and I decided to book my procedure!  I had my abdominal area, waist/flanks, inner thighs, and chin done.  They made me feel at ease about the whole thing.  They were very honest about how they felt my results were going to turn out according to my body type.  When it comes to the actual procedure, it wasn’t too bad.  The worst part was the numbing before the actual removal of the fat.  Now, keep in mind, I’m VERY squeamish and jumpy (this is coming from someone who passed out getting my nose pierced!), so by me saying that it was uncomfortable, probably isn’t saying much!  Once I was numb from the medicine, there really wasn’t much pain at all.  Every once in a while I would feel a “pinching” feeling, but as soon as I complained about feeling it, they immediately added a little more medicine to the area to numb it before proceeding.  Following the procedure, the first few days are a little uncomfortable.  The main part that is uncomfortable is the leaking from the incisions and changing the pads, but the pain definitely is not unbearable.  I was able to return to work after a few days, and I had multiple areas done!  They called me the next afternoon to check on me personally and ask if I had any questions or concerns, which I appreciated very much.  After the first week, it’s all uphill!  I had the most wonderful experience at Pacific Lipo. They staff are just wonderful in so many ways; I even went back to have a little more done!  I would recommend them to anyone and everyone who has reservations about having a lipo procedure done.  They are artists, and is very good at what they does.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about this place! Thanks so much for everything!”

Mari P.
Bay Area, CA

“It used to be difficult for me to feel comfortable in a swim suit and I would hate taking my tank top off at the pool or at the beach, I've always been so self conscious of my belly. Even though I'd stay active and eat well, it seemed impossible for me to get a flat belly. I had the lipo procedure done with Pacific Lipo and I could not be happier! They always puts their patients first and does the best possible job to make them feel comfortable and happy. It's been a year since my procedure and I still look and feel great. I just got back from my 10 day honeymoon and not once was I ashamed to be in a swimsuit. This procedure has not only made me feel more confident in what I wear, but my overall attitude as well. Thank you Pacific Lipo!”

Lindsey W.
San Diego, CA

"During my visit to Pacific Liposculpture the staff was very warm and friendly. I am also very happy with my results. I no longer have to put on thing to hide my stomach. They are the best, they continuously made sure I was comfortable before, during and after the procedure. I will always be grateful for the service I received from entire staff at Pacific Liposculpture you guys are the best.
I have told all my friends about Pacific Liposculpture. Thanks!" 

Kristie S.
Los Angeles, CA

“Hi everyone. I was the first free lipo contest winner and just can\'t thank you all enough for what you have done for me. I was so nervous when I got to the office to have my procedure done. Stefanie and Becky made me laugh and I calmed down quickly. When I met Pacific Lipo, I knew I had nothing to be afraid of. The procedure was very easy and almost painless. When I did feel slight discomfort, they stopped to give me more medicine. They really did care about my comfort and overall experience. The caring did not stop after I was on my way home. They called to check on me several times over the next few days. They answered my questions quickly and even gave me their personal number should I need any more questions answered. I was finally able to get rid of my stubborn baby belly and love handles. I am just so happy with my experience at Pacific Lipo. I recommend Pacific Lipo to all my family and friends. You guys are amazing!!!!! Hugs to Letty, Becky and Stefanie for making me laugh. :)”

Dawn K.
Desert Hot Springs, CA

A few words from our patients:

“This place deserves 10+. Beginning from the initial telephone conversations all the way through the recovery process and follow-up's they have been great. The front office staff were so friendly and helpful throughout. Dr. Walker, who completed my surgery was incredible.”

-Robert H.

“Love the vibes and positive attitude here, they have great customer service and make you feel comfortable. Dr.Assassa took great care of me. He has a great big smile which lets me know everything's going well lol.”

-Cindy E.

“Better than expected. Dr. And staff .. perfect in every way! Worth every penny! Thank You Dr Assassa. I would write you a million reviews if I knew how. I am so grateful.”

-Tina N.

“Let me start with the Staff(S.and Chris) is so nice that you feel like in Disneyland, just kidding. They really make you feel good. But this is not all, Pacific Lipo is very professional . They did a good job,it has been three months still has some swelling but I was able to see immediate results.I did not have any unexpected side effects other than swelling and numbness with some pain associated to the pull up and pull down garments.I had one part of the procedure done Friday and the rest was done Saturday. I was able to go back to work Monday.I am more happy with my body after this procedure. They are very confident , well they do it every single day of the week but Sunday. Initially I remember saying to my friend I will not have it done again , but now I was considering doing the bra area, so I asked them and they did not recommend me to have another one because I do not have too much fat there. They recommend me EXERCISE! Yes guys. Who will tell you that when they are loosing money,only professionals, and honest persons. 

I was not happy with the fact that I have to change dressing several times a day for a busy woman like me, plus massage , avoiding exercise for three months. After seen the results I will go again. If you have problems to wear certain clothes like I did , you will love to have the procedure. Everything go in place now .”

Nikkita M.
Tulsa, OK

Professional, fast, friendly, clean! The procedure tickled! I was laughing the whole time. The whole team is friendly and answers all your questions. They take the time to make sure youre comfortable. Seriously, these guys are worth it!”

Mango H.
San Diego, CA

“Finally made the decision to have procedure done after many years of body image issues. So glad I chose Pacific Lipo! I felt very comfortable throughout the process from the first consultation to my last followup. I would not have gone through the procedure, nor would I be giving such high ratings if I didn't feel comfortable with the staff at Pacific Lipo. I can finally wear cute summer dresses now that I have a waist again...Thank you!”

D. A.
San Diego, CA

“When, I found this place and had talked to the beautiful Stephanie she knew any questions I needed answered. She had made me feel comfortable to come in for a consultation and even gave me a price on what the procedure would cost. She also let me know they had a special going on. When, I came in they clairified everything that they do in the office and procedure. If u had a question they take the time to answer it true and precise. This place is absolutely beautiful inside and they do there procedures in there own operating room so no need to visit an outpatient hospital. All in all its def. changed my image and they did an amazing job! The staff is remarkably amazing and down to earth they truly make u feel comfortable! Its an experience of a lifetime!”

Sheena P.
San Diego, CA

“It has been six weeks since I had my abdomen (upper and lower abdominal regions, love handles, flanks) and I couldn't be happier. After two c sections and knowing that no matter what I did my embarrassing mid-section wasn't going to disappear. Going to the beach was never going to happen. Nor was wearing a slinky dress. I plucked up the courage and called Stefani who was delightful and answered all my questions. On the day of the procedure Pacific Lipo talked me through the procedure, again, answered all my questions. He was honest about what to expect. Not false platitudes but honest realism. My husband came with me and they set him up in a room with internet access. The procedure was pretty much painless and went faster than I imagined. The nurse assigned to me was wonderful. 

Six weeks later I'm wearing the slinky dress! I have so much more confidence. I couldn't be happier with how I look. 

I highly recommend Pacific Liposuction. It changed my life.”

Sandii M.
Redondo Beach, CA

“All things considered, I have to give them 5 stars. I had my whole abdomen done as well as love handles done only two days ago. Although the procedure was a little uncomfortable, it was definitely tolerable and definitely worth it. Only took a little while to get numb and it was all fairly easy from there! I have had work done before on another area by a well renowned MD cosmetic surgeon, and not only was I nowhere near as happy with the service as I was with Pacific Lipo, but now I'm considering coming to Pacific Lipo to try and fix up what this doc couldn't do! The assistant who helped me with everything was so sweet, helpful, and caring. I felt at ease the whole time, even during the more uncomfortable times, which weren't even that bad to begin with!! I love this place, it's beautiful, and even on my second day post op, I look awesome!!! Not nearly as much bruising as I expected. I probably wouldn't have driven myself home after though, since it was a 4 hour drive back for me, but I had a bit of extensive work done, I could see if I had a smaller area done or lived closer how it would be fine. I know I'll be back, and between the price, service and procedure, I don't know why anyone with any problem areas wouldn't come here as well!”

K J.
Los Angeles, CA

“Of close to about 15 other places I spoke to, the staff here was by far the most helpful, friendly, and I was never rushed off the phone. I was an out of town patient who flew in for the weekend. Pacific Lipo accommodated to my short time there, and I left with all the information and follow up info anyone else would have left with. They even left me a message on their day off to check on me and direct me with my personal post-op care.”

Anonymous R.
Dallas, TX

“I no longer feel fat and frumpy, and when I look in the mirror now, I think of myself as pretty. I have not felt that way in many years. I have a new outlook, and feel like I am 24 again! I actually forget that I am 48!”

Nancy H.
San Diego, CA

“I traveled from Northern California to have LIPOSculpture in this office and I'm very glad I did and even more pleased with the results. From the the first phone call I placed, to the day of the procedure Pacific Lipo and their staff were wonderful. They were all very professional, honest and reassuring.”

Julie G.
Sonoma, CA

“I am so glad I went to Pacific-Lipo as right from the very beginning I found them incredibly helpful. From the initial consultation with Pacific Lipo, actual procedure, aftercare and all the advices, there was no hard sell, it was entirely my decision and I particularly liked the fact that I was advised on the realistic outcome of the surgery.”


“The BEST! I am a big fan of Pacific Lipo and their staff (especially Stefani).  All procedures have their risks no matter how big or small, so no doubt having a cosmetic one can be nerve recking.  But all that changes once you place yourself in their hands.  Pacific Lipo and their staff definitely know what they are doing.  They comfort you and help you feel at ease.  Bedside manners are magnificent!  Everything is explained to you in great detail.  You are informed of everything that is expected.  Very honest people (something rarely found in this day and age).  The price is right and you can count on them truthfully charging you for the work you really need done.  But it doesn't end there, if you have ANY questions or concerns, Pacific Lipo is always available.  I've had 2 procedures done by Pacific Lipo and would definitely have a 3rd one if I need it!  I wouldn't go anywhere else!”

Anyzor R.
San Diego, CA

“Just got my liposculpturing procedure done here at Pacific Lipo and let me just tell you that my experience was AMAAAAZING !!! Everything from the friendly staff (thanks Stephanie & Lindsey!) and professionalism and honesty. It's only been 1 day and I can already see that the results are DRAMATIC, I can't wait till the swelling subsides! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this wonderful place! The procedure went very smoothly, no complications, no issues, and all the post-operative stuff are included with the fixed cost that they charge you so all you are really paying is what they are charging, no hidden fees, facility fees, anesthesia fees, etc...Sweet, simple, economical and awesome! THANKS PACIFIC LIPO :D”


“I had gotten liposculpture on my chin and neck last week. I felt compelled to send Pacific Lipo and the staff at Pacific Lipo a note thanking them for their great work - from my initial consultation through my liposculpture procedure. They have a very calming, professional bedside manner -their skill level is impeccable and the results of their work far exceeded my expectations. I believe they can be compared to top surgeons in the field - their technique was very gentle and painless for me. Their support staff are very caring and compassionate and never, ever made me feel anything but comfortable. My chin and neck are so beautiful (even after 1 week) and I will be scheduling more procedures with Pacific Lipo in the very near future. Thanks so much and I'll be talking with you soon! TO”


I can't recommend Pacific Lipo highly enough. I am so glad I went toPacific-Lipo as right from the very beginning I found them incredibly helpful. From the initial consultation with Pacific Lipo, actual procedure, aftercare and all the advices, there was no hard sell, it was entirely my decision and I particularly liked the fact that I was advised on the realistic outcome of the surgery. It's no good being told you are going to look like a supermodel afterwards, you just want to know that the procedure is going to be done by highly qualified professionals, experts in their field and that afterwards you are going to look the best you possibly can. That's what we all want! I was made to feel at ease and at any time I had questions I was able to call Pacific-Lipo and get to speak either with Lindsey, Stefanie or Pacific Lipo about any concerns and questions. Even now looking back, I can't believe how easy everything was from start to finish. Even more impressive is the price covers all your consultations, follow-ups, visits etc. So there are no hidden fees! I am completely satisfied with both the exceptional value-for-money, the consultation prior to and after the operation, the treatment as such and the way and speed my scar is improving. Having taken the step to have the excessive fat removed was one of the best decisions I have ever taken and I would recommend it any time! - Happy 25 Yrs old Male!


“The staff is very friendly, from my initial call to everyday calls; the ladies at the front desk were very helpful and accommodating.  Especially since I was coming from out of town…
I was very excited to get my procedure.  It helped that the staff is friendly and professional.  They made me feel very comfortable and confident that the outcome would be successful.  They explained the whole procedure and completed my two areas (upper ab and lower ab) quickly.  I was so surprised as to how easy, affordable and quickly the procedure was!  Wow, I got back on the plane the same day and back to work the next day!
In fact Pacific Lipo made the whole process easy!  From the time I schedule my appointment, arrived, the actual procedure, and the post-op care.  They even provided a care package before I left the office, with everything I need!  Even a taxi was called on my behalf.  It couldn’t have been any easier.  I am so happy and glad that I decided to go through Pacific Lipo!  I am completely satisfied and I am already planning on coming back!”

Jennifer J.
Northern California

“Hello Everyone, Pacific Lipo are Artists! When I removed my dressings the next morning after the procedure, I couldn't stop staring at my body. My stomach and love handles were gone! My physique looked like when I was in high school. Even the fat under my chin that was treated disappeared! I began considering liposuction when I found I could not get rid of my belly fat and love handles after diet and exercise. I met with Pacific Lipo and was very impressed with their confidence and experience. The procedure itself went fine. There were no surprises and they put me at ease with their outstanding bedside manner. It has been almost a month since my procedure and the office staff have been outstanding with guiding me through the healing process. They are very supportive and are there for me whenever I call with a question. My follow up office visits have been easy to schedule and a pleasant experience. I highly recommend PacificLipo for anyone considering Liposuction! Meet with them and you'll be impressed too! Thank you, Jay S. San Diego”

Jay S.
San Diego, CA 

There is no guarantee of specific results. Results may vary.

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